2018 China Apparel Growth Brand Conference

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On May 21, the 2018 China Apparel Growth Brand Press Conference and the Second National Apparel Brand Incubation Base Experience Exchange Conference with the theme of "Coordinated Development and Sharing the Future" was held in Changshu Clothing City, Jiangsu.

The conference is co-sponsored by the Circulation Branch of China Textile Industry Federation and China Garment Association, and undertaken by Jiangsu Changshu Garment City Management Committee. Xia Lingmin, Vice Chairman of China National Textile and Apparel Council, President of Circulation Branch, Feng Dehu, President of China Textile Construction Planning Institute, Yang Jinchun, Vice President of China Garment Association, Xu Jianhua, Vice President of Circulation Branch of China National Textile and Apparel Council, China Textile Industry Federation Zhang Haiyan, Vice President and Secretary-General of the Circulation Branch, Lang Ping, Assistant to the Chairman of the China Fashion Designers Association, Bu Xiaoqiang, Chairman of the Guangdong Fashion Industry Association, Yu Bing, President of the Jiangsu Fashion Association, Chen Huiliang, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Changshu Municipal People’s Congress, Changshu, Jiangsu Yu Tie, Deputy Director of the Garment City Management Committee and other guests attended the event. Nearly 300 industry colleagues from all over the country witnessed the honorary moment of the brand release and shared and exchanged brand building and development strategies.

At the meeting, the China Textile Federation Circulation Branch announced the results of the second re-evaluation of the Chinese apparel brand incubation base, and further clarified the base's work orientation in brand building and cultivation. The conference coincides with the 2018 Jiangnan International Fashion Week and the 19th Changshu Clothing and Accessories Expo. As a large-scale professional menswear circulation market in China, Changshu Clothing City has profound industrial resources. In order to promote the joint development of the national menswear industry, China Taking the opportunity of this conference, the Spinning Circulation Branch established the "China Men's Wear Business Innovation Alliance", hoping to use Changshu as a starting point and gather the efforts of industry colleagues to work together to build an environment for the development of men's independent brand circulation development.

Xia Lingmin said that brand work has always been the top priority of the China Textile Industry Federation. The brand strategy is one of the four major strategies of the 13th Five-Year Textile Power. Although brand work has achieved certain results, there are also brands Insufficient added value and other issues, how to break the path of a fashion brand, textiles and apparel still need to make persistent efforts. In the past 9 years, the appraised Chinese apparel growth brand as the "potential stock" of the future Chinese apparel brand, no matter from the quality and quality, creative design, rapid response ability and social responsibility, we still need to make continuous efforts, starting from the brand itself, insist on Patience and perseverance. The government, industry associations, market management committees and other levels must work together to promote brand building and form a smart environment to promote the rapid growth of brands.

Yang Jinchun, Vice President of the China National Garment Association, read out the "Decision on the Release of the Recommended List of "China Apparel Growth Brand" and "Chinese Apparel Brand Excellent Channel Providers" in 2018.

It is understood that in 2018, a total of 68 growth-oriented Chinese clothing brands and 29 outstanding distributors of Chinese clothing brands received honors. Chinese growth-oriented clothing brands have been pursuing their dreams for 9 years, working hand in hand, and once again using the splendid growth to write the industry proud. As a fertile ground for the growth of apparel brands, Chinese apparel brand incubation bases have played a pivotal role for a long time.

Innovative and collaborative development of brands leads growth

Giving play to the leading role of the brand and promoting the upgrade of the supply structure and the demand structure are inevitable requirements for deeply implementing the concepts of innovation, coordination, green, openness and shared development. At present, my country's textile and apparel professional market is in the stage of transformation and upgrading, and the transition from high-speed growth to high-quality development is the basic feature of China's economic development in the new era. The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China determined the grand blueprint for building a well-off society in an all-round way and building a modern socialist country. China’s textile and garment industry should conform to the requirements of the times, serve the overall situation of development, and build a high-quality development path. Strengthening brand building is to achieve high The only way for quality development.

For many years, the China Textile Union Circulation Branch has been taking the development and cultivation of Chinese clothing growth brands as its own responsibility, laying a growth path for the development of independent brands, and promoting the development of independent brands in a high-quality direction with the goal of "collaborative innovation development and leading brand growth" Forward. Facing the industrial layout of enhancing the soft power of brands, how to build consensus in the industry, strengthen support for the development of independent brands, and help upgrade the supply structure and demand structure, has become the focus of this conference. In order to better play the role of the association as a bridge and provide more professional and effective services for independent brand building and industrial upgrading, the Circulation Branch of China Textile Union takes the "Chinese clothing growth brand" as its work foundation. In the past 9 years, there have been 695 independent clothing brands Was awarded the title of "Chinese Garment Growing Brand", and 313 brand distributors and agents were awarded the title of "Excellent Distributor of Chinese Garment Brand".

Faced with the profound changes in the value system, smart changes will bring higher standards for brand building, enhance brand connotation, and promote brand development to high quality. It requires the joint efforts of all employees in the industry. Therefore, the leading role of excellent brands is more precious. . At the meeting, as an outstanding representative of China's clothing growth brands, Liu Qingxiong, general manager of e-commerce of Shengdai brand, shared the brand's growth and innovation power to the guests present. The head of the China Textile Federation Circulation Branch said that he believes that more outstanding independent apparel brands will be added to the brand building team in the future to contribute to the industry's strength to meet the growing needs of the people.

Innovative Pioneer Platform of Menswear Business Alliance

As a major system in the apparel industry structure, China's menswear industry has matured and gradually formed an industrial system with regional characteristics, including the "Su Pai" menswear industry cluster represented by Changshu, Jiangsu, and Shanghai and Ningbo. The "Zhepai" menswear industry cluster represented by the South East Fujian, the "Minpai" menswear industrial cluster represented by Southeastern Fujian, the Pearl River Delta menswear industrial cluster in southern Guangdong that has grown by taking advantage of overseas advantages such as Hong Kong and Macao, and the menswear industry represented by Wuhan in the central region Is also on the rise. The complementarity of industrial clusters and professional markets has effectively promoted the development and prosperity of the men's clothing industry. According to statistics, among the 695 "Chinese clothing growth brands" recommended by the China Textile Federation Circulation Branch, men's clothing brands account for 32.9%. In addition, a large number of small and medium menswear companies have also gathered in more than 40 garment industry clusters awarded by the China Textile Industry Association. To this end, based on the China Apparel Brand Business Alliance established in 2017, the China Textile Federation Circulation Branch subdivided men's clothing categories and established the China Men's Clothing Business Innovation Alliance based on the national high-quality men's clothing industry resources.

At the meeting, China Textile Federation Circulation Branch invited Jiangsu Changshu Clothing City, Guangzhou Hongmian International Fashion City, Liaoning Xiliu Clothing Market, Chengdu Dacheng Clothing Market, Shishi Clothing City, Humen Fumin Fashion City, Wuhan Longteng First Avenue, Chongqing Chaotian Mengang industry market such as Mengangyu Square, as the initiator, jointly launched the "China Menswear Business Innovation Alliance". The members of the alliance will jointly promote the joint development of the national menswear industry and build a fleet of menswear industry.

As a large-scale men's professional circulation market in China, in recent years, Changshu Garment City has adhered to the core idea of "focusing on men's clothing, focusing on originality", developed original design into an important driving force for reform and upgrading, and established the "Chinese impression · men's clothing Changshu" brand. Image. This year, Changshu started from the starting point of the Chinese menswear label, with menswear trends and new brands as its core strength, focusing on the cultivation and promotion of growth-oriented original brands, promoting the rapid development of Changshu menswear as a unique industrial chain. Starting from Changshu, the Circulation Branch of China Textile Union will gather industry resources such as national outstanding menswear industry clusters, professional markets, menswear companies, innovative institutions, etc., and is committed to promoting the cooperation and promotion of local menswear in business and innovation in China, and creating an open , Leading and service exchange and cooperation platform, help the branding process of China's men's clothing industry, and create a good circulation development environment for China's men's clothing industry.

Fertile soil for brand growth breeds tomorrow's hope

As a fertile ground for the growth of small and medium-sized clothing brands, the professional market has always been the cradle of incubating and cultivating brands. For many years, China Textile Federation Circulation Branch has been developing and nurturing Chinese apparel growth brands as its own responsibility, laying a growth path for the development of independent brands. In accordance with the deployment requirements of the China National Textile and Apparel Council on strengthening the promotion of branding in the professional market, from January to May this year, the Circulation Branch of the China Textile Federation carried out the second reassessment of 35 Chinese clothing brand incubation bases, focusing on the assessment of national clothing The brand incubation base's capabilities and achievements in brand cultivation, brand services, brand incubation, etc., and at this conference released the decision of the second re-evaluation results of the Chinese apparel brand incubation base.

Zhang Haiyan, Vice President and Secretary-General of the Circulation Branch of China Textile Federation, read out the "Decision on Publishing the Results of the Second Re-evaluation of the Chinese Clothing Brand Incubation Base".

According to the decision, 29 markets including Beijing Wufang Tianya Internet + Women's Clothing and Beijing Dahongmen Garment Trade City successfully passed the base reassessment and continue to serve as the 2018-2021 Chinese apparel brand incubation base. In addition, Changshu's local professional market NSS New Foreign Trade Village As a new member of the Chinese clothing brand incubation base this year, the Women's Wear City will also jointly fulfill the responsibilities and obligations of the Chinese clothing brand incubation base.

With the gradual upgrading of the consumer market, centering on the starting point and end point of the high-quality development of the textile and garment industry, while meeting the people’s growing needs for a better life, how to further realize the industry through technology, brand, talent and green development strategies Development of new and old kinetic energy conversion has become the fundamental pursuit of the textile and apparel industry. Facing the new industrial circulation environment, exerting the platform effect of the professional market, promoting the construction of regional brands and promoting the development of independent brands through the improvement of the level of public services, has become an important content of the transformation and development of the apparel professional market. In order to strengthen the collaborative development of the industry and share the experience of brand cultivation, at the meeting, Zhang Jin, general manager of Guangzhou Baima Garment Market, He Wei, executive deputy general manager of Beijing Tianya Women's Wear Building, Liu Xueqian, general manager of Jinan Luokou Garment City, and other industry elites served as base representatives. The guests present shared their experiences and achievements in brand incubation and brand building. The wonderful sharing content won rounds of applause on the spot, and brought more thinking and enlightenment to the industry.

Haina Baichuan becomes a great enterprise, and wins progress to achieve the future. In the future, under the guidance of industry associations and the joint promotion of various professional markets, industrial clusters, and apparel companies, I believe that the future of China's independent apparel brands will be able to make greater achievements in accordance with the overall requirements of the industry's high-quality development.