Walk into Fengming Street and explore the nostalgia in the depths of the years

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The unique geographical environment and advanced mulberry breeding, sericulture, silk reeling and silk weaving techniques have made Tongxiang a thousand-year reputation as the "House of Silk".

Fengming Street, located in the hinterland of Tongxiang, is famous for sericulture and abundance of small mulberry seedlings. It has won the honor of "Hometown of Mulberry Seedlings in China". While expanding the traditional characteristic sericulture industry, Fengming Sub-district actively explored the development of new types of agriculture and took the steps of "beautiful economy" development.

Hangbai chrysanthemum for clearing away heat and detoxification, native chickens with green ecology, fine-textured silk... At this stop, look for creative tourism products in Tongxiang and enter Fengming Street to explore the nostalgia in the depths of the years.

Hangbai chrysanthemum fragrant

Hangbai chrysanthemum, a specialty of Tongxiang.

"Under the east fence of picking chrysanthemums, you can see Nanshan leisurely." Speaking of Tongxiang, Hangbai chrysanthemum is a specialty that must be mentioned.

In the Book of Replenishing Agriculture written by agronomist Zhang Lvxiang in the late Ming Dynasty, there is the following record: "(Chamomile) is sweet and warm, and long-term consumption is the most beneficial. The ancients eat seedlings in spring, eat English in summer, and root in winter." Cotton, there are also people who use this as the industry." "Yellow and white, the white is the winner." Therefore, at least more than 300 years ago, many Tongxiang people used to grow chrysanthemum as their industry. Since then, Tongxiang chrysanthemum farmers continue to accumulate experience, breeding and cultivation. In 1999, Tongxiang was named by the Ministry of Agriculture as the "Hometown of Hangzhou White Chrysanthemum".

In Tongxiang, the scale of Hangbai chrysanthemum planted in Fengming Street is among the best. Every autumn, chrysanthemum farmers are busy picking, finishing, drying, sterilizing, sorting and packaging. This is the "only way" for Hangbai chrysanthemum from flowers to products.

As an outstanding representative of the Hangbai chrysanthemum industry in Zhejiang, Tongxiang Chunfa Chrysanthemum Industry Co., Ltd. has developed into a professional production enterprise of Hangbai chrysanthemum integrating base, research and development, processing and sales by relying on the unique natural environment for more than 20 years. There are three series of more than 20 varieties of Hangbai chrysanthemum processed by high-tech microwave air drying equipment. In January 2005, the "Chunfa" brand Hangbaiju was named Zhejiang Famous Brand by Zhejiang Administration for Industry and Commerce; in August 2006, it was named Zhejiang Province Top Ten Characteristic Agricultural Products Brand by Zhejiang Administration for Industry and Commerce; 2015 , Won the gold medal of "2015 Jiaxing Agricultural Products Fair Quality Product Award"; in September 2016, won the gold medal of the 17th China Green Food Expo...

Behind the honor, the business owner's insistence on product quality is inseparable. "The Hangbai chrysanthemum we produce is both medicinal and food. The'Chunfa' brand 50g Millennium Chrysanthemum is one of many hot-selling products. It is very suitable for drinking or giving away." The relevant person in charge told the reporter that now, the "Chunfa" brand Hangbaiju has blazed a path of "organic, green, and pollution-free", helping to polish the golden signboard of Tongxiang Hangbaiju, a traditional characteristic agricultural product.

Ecological native chicken tastes the beauty of nature

Red Crested Chicken.

Three years ago, the cooperative of Wu Bingjiang, a large chicken farmer in Fengming Street, was in danger due to bird flu and other reasons. In order not to let his father's many years of hard work be wasted, Wu Xiaojie, his son born in the 1980s, resolutely quit his stable job, took the baton from his father, and returned to the "country" to raise native chickens. He used the online and offline marketing methods to make the farms survive the crisis, and at the same time turned the native chickens into the "golden phoenix", whose products are sold all over the country at high prices.

In July 2015, the cooperative relied on a good natural environment and integrated the elements of "Internet +" to build a smart "earth chicken manor"-Red Crown Restaurant. Walking into the manor and walking along a secluded path, you can see a forest of camphor trees covering more than 100 acres, where you can see groups of native chickens foraging in the forest. There is also a restaurant with white walls and black tiles. Visitors can order and pay by scanning the QR code with their fingers.

"Green and ecological is our biggest competitive advantage." A good reputation is more than just innovative marketing methods. Wu Xiaojie said, "In order to improve the quality of native chickens, we select the best breeds for breeding. The second is to work hard on breeding. It is no exaggeration to say that the local chickens on the farm enjoy the "star treatment". Our chickens are raised in the woods, and the breeders often dig ponds and plant trees to improve their living conditions."

Live comfortably, and food should not be sloppy. The native chickens raised in Hongguan Restaurant are not fed with any feed or additives. They eat farmer's whole grains, such as corn and sweet potatoes. “Sometimes, some Chinese herbal medicines are added, which are not only green, but also have strong disease resistance, delicious meat, and better eggs,” said Wu Xiaojie.

Feel the nostalgia of poetry and painting one stitch and one thread

"Fu Zhi Hometown" design draft.

In Fengming Street, in addition to the ecological food on the tip of the tongue, there is also a well-known silk brand-Nanxiu Siyu.

The brand name "Nanxiu Siyu" is full of the dream of founder Zhou Huixing. He said frankly, "Nanxiu" is the transliteration of English nation, meaning "nation, nationality". Zhou Huixing told reporters that he wants to be a Chinese silk brand because he knows a fact better than anyone: Chinese silk has been exported to the world since ancient times, but even if the industry has developed to the present, there is still a lack of a well-known brand.

Zhou Huixing's entrepreneurial road has not been smooth sailing. From raising money to start a business to losing money, it was not until after meeting "Alibaba" that "Nanxiu Siyu" began to flourish.

In 2003, Zhou Huixing spent 4,000 yuan to buy a digital camera and formally contacted e-commerce. Taking product photos, uploading photos, writing product descriptions... He puts all the scarf styles on the Alibaba platform for sale. Nowadays, online "marriage" and offline, "Nanxiu Siyu" products are sold all over the world.

This time, "Nanxiu Siyu" took out the "Fuzhi Hometown" gift set to participate in the first Tongxiang Tourism Commodity Competition. The "Hometown of Fortune" gift set consists of a silk lucky bag, a small silk scarf and an outer packing box. The prints on the silk scarves and lucky bags are Wuzhen black and white ink paintings. The drawstrings, edge lines, and the color of the four sides of the silk scarf, and the base of the gift bag are all in festive red. A matching side print on the lucky bag also incorporates the elements of Hangbaiju. "When people get this gift, they can think of Tongxiang." The relevant person in charge of the company told reporters that in the future, "Nanxiu Siyu" will continue to build a silk scarf brand with quality and culture as its core, and develop the mid-to-high-end market.

Keep memories and taste the years

How to make these tourism products with "Fengming Mark" more creative? Become a souvenir to make visitors to Tongtong look bright and eager to take away? Let’s hear what they say.

Huang Daqi, Propaganda Committee Member of the Party Committee of Fengming Sub-district: Tourism products are the business card of a city, and they are the products that are rich in regional characteristics and can retain memories that tourists buy during their travels. Hangbai chrysanthemum, native chicken, silk, etc. are all tourist products with "Fengming imprint". Through them, visitors can deepen their understanding of Fengming's local culture, traditions, artistic attainments, and folk customs, and satisfy tourists to bring Fengming's beauty Good wish to go home.

Wu Xiaojie, the person in charge of Red Crown Restaurant: Good travel goods are not only easy to carry, but also genuine daily consumer goods. At the same time, the research, production and marketing of tourism products should be closely integrated, and an experiential shopping environment for tourism products should be designed, focusing on the experience of tourism products, so that tourists can get a high-quality shopping experience.

Shen Feng, a resident of Fengming Street: Most tourists are not unfamiliar with Hang Baiju, but when asked about the hometown of Hang Baiju, many people think it is Hangzhou. I think that good tourism products should cultivate influential independent brands. If necessary, the country of origin can be printed on the conspicuous parts of the packaging, so that the tourism products will be branded with the region.